Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies


The undergraduate course in Communication Studies intends to offer basic preparation in the field of communication with particular reference to publishing and journalism. The focus will be placed on linguistic competencies (Italian and English as well as a second foreign language) as well as on computer science, which as never before is essential to the challenge of communication today. At the same time an in depth study of more traditional subject areas will not go neglected, such as the humanities and social sciences, philosophy and sociology, social psychology and contemporary history. This kind of in depth study will undoubtedly offer relevant content and can be used as the basis both for further studies at a postgraduate level as well as for practical applications in the professional fields of publishing and journalism.

Course details

3 years
L-20 - Undergraduate degree in communication studies
Controlling body
Collegio Didattico di Scienze della comunicazione
Teaching administration
Operational unit Teaching office for Letters, Arts and Social Services students
Reference Department
Culture and Civilisation
Macro area
Disciplinary area
Literature, Arts and Social service



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