Master’s degree in Historical Studies (interuniversity)


This Postgraduate programme was set up in 2012 to enhance post graduate education in historical studies through a joint venture between the University of Verona and the University of Trento. Cooperation between the two universities means more teachers and a wider choice of courses are able to be offered as part of the programme.
The course is administratively managed by each university in alternation every two years.
  • Academic years 2012-13 and 2013-14: administrative matters will be based at the University of Trento.
  • Academic years 2014-15 and 2015-16: administrative matters will be based at the University of Verona. 
  • Academic years 2016-17 and 2017-18: administrative matters will be based at the University of Trento. 
First year courses will be held in parallel at each of the universities so that students can choose where they wish to attend the course.
Second year courses will be split between the two universities according to specialisation.
  • Ancient and Medieval times will be taught at the University of Trento
  • Society and institutions in modern and contemporary times:  will be taught at the University of Trento
  • Medieval society and culture in contemporary times: will be taught at the University of Verona.
The Postgraduate degree in Historical Studies focuses on the study of all forms of memories or records in the continuing interrelation between historical studies and the scientific disciplines that seek to understand them. It also aims to provide a thorough grasp of ways of creating and preserving memories – to know how they were used and how they managed to pass on a record of events and opinions, and to distinguish how much they were an intersection of reality, fiction and common thinking. Students therefore learn to think critically, which – although in a more specialised way – is, in fact, the attitude that should guide every conscious citizen when faced with power structures and mechanisms of information. The programme is intended for people who intend to dedicate themselves professionally to teaching history in middle or secondary schools, but also makes a valuable addition to study for those who wish to work in preserving records (e.g. archivists or librarians), those intending to work in current affairs journalism or publishing, and those thinking of a future political career.
Trento contact information
Teaching office - Department of Literature and Philosophy
via Tommaso Gar, 14 - 38122 Trento
Phone +39 0461 282983 - 282183 - 282171 - 282984
Fax +39 0461 282982
Verona contact information
Prof Alessandro ARCANGELI  
Prof Gian Maria Varanini


Course details

Interuniversity Master's degree
2 years
LM-84 - Postgraduate degree in historical studies
Controlling body
Consiglio di Corso di laurea di Scienze Storiche (Interateneo Verona-Trento)
Teaching administration
Operational unit Teaching office for Letters, Arts and Social Services students
Reference Department
Culture and Civilisation
Macro area
Disciplinary area
Literature, Arts and Social service



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