Master's degree in Linguistics


Educational aims: The 2-year (120 ECTS) Master's program in Linguistics prepares graduates capable of making the most of metalinguistic analysis in research, teaching and further applications. This objective will be achieved by way of: a) in-depth study of advanced and up-to-date theories and methodologies in the domain of general and historical linguistics; b) the application of these theories to specific (socio-)linguistic situations in modern and ancient languages, both in Italy and other European countries. The focus is on: language structures and meanings, language learning and teaching (especially applied to L2 Italian), typical and atypical language development, experimental psycholinguistics, analytical assessment of linguistic documents, comparative and diachronic analysis of ancient texts.
Teaching methods: The program trains students in theoretical and applied linguistics through course work, participation in seminars, and supervised research within a supportive environment. Activities are structured to stimulate active and ongoing participation of the students. Classes will be taught both by regular Verona staff and by international guests.
Training activities: The Master's program covers such fields as general linguistics (with modules in all levels of linguistic analysis), historical linguistics, and language learning and teaching. With regard to language-specificity, the program allows a choice (a) among English, German, French, Spanish and Russian for courses dealing with general linguistics, and (b) among Germanic, Romance, Slavic and Italian for philological, textual and historical studies.
Courses in Psychology and Cognitive Sciences, Statistics for the Humanities and Philosophy of Science, among others, are also offered. Laboratories of experimental linguistics are organized biannually.
Fundamental modules are taught in English; among the modules to be chosen, other European languages may be used in class, but an English option is always available to the students.
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Postgraduate and Master's programmes
2 years
LM-39 - Classe delle lauree magistrali in linguistica
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Collegio Didattico di Linguistics
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Operational unit Teaching office for Letters, Arts and Social Services students
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Culture and Civilisation
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Literature, Arts and Social service



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